Men’s Short-Sleeved Zip Back Sleepsuit

Men’s Short-Sleeved Zip Back Sleepsuit

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Our men’s short-sleeved zip back sleepsuit is a unique one-piece pyjama/sleepsuit for men who shred pads, undress inappropriately or interfere with continence aids. They are very difficult for the wearer to get out of but simple for the carer to remove.

The men’s short-sleeved zip back sleepsuit is ideal for people with limited understanding of their actions. They may have special needs or learning disabilities. Also for the elderly with Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

These sleepsuits are suitable for people who are .mobile or can stand then sit on the edge of the bed. They are not designed for people who are bed bound

Our adult sleepsuits have lots of sizes, with a different fit for men and women. They are made in colour woven fabric 60% cotton 40%polyester. So comfortable to wear. No need for a larger size, they are designed for people who wear incontinence pads. There are back zipped and elasticated waist and ankles. Shop at kc sleepsuits they are made in the UK.

*Please note the adult sleepsuits are a generous fit.

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