About Us

KC Sleepsuits create handmade zip back anti strip sleepsuits. Our sleepsuits are now an established aid and are highly recommended by parent’s carers and health care professionals.

We made our first zip back anti strip sleepsuit when relatives were caring for a young boy with severe learning disabilities. We were asked to design a comfortable unrestricted sleepsuit for him. The suit had to withstand frequent washing, be quite tough and easy to use. He very soon took ownership of the sleepsuit along with his bedtime routine. We made more zip back anti strip sleepsuits for other people with special needs and we have never stopped.

We listened carefully to the experiences of Carers and mums looking after both children and adults who either remove clothing or interfere with continence aids. Those Carers and mums stressed the need for a sturdy sleepsuit that would be comfortable to wear, easy to dress and undress but hard for the wearer to remove.

They told us of their frustration and lack of sleep because they were constantly on edge during the night, and dreaded what they might find in the morning. At that time there was very little available to help. We then adapted our original sleepsuit design and launched KC Sleepsuits.

Now there are other Sleepsuits on the market. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. These suits are fine if the problem is very mild, or if your child is cold during the night. Our special customers would be out of these suits in 2 ticks. So don’t give up because you have tried sleepsuits that don’t work. Our KC Sleepsuits were designed to eliminate this problem.

We supply individual families in the UK. Health Authorities, Social Services etc. We get great satisfaction from providing this service. it gives us the opportunity to make a difference in the quality of life of Carers, clients, and families.