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How KC Sleepsuits Can Help You?


A Special Needs back zip sleepsuit that really works


KC Sleepsuits, A unique anti- strip back zipped sleepsuit. Designed for Adults and Children with

special needs. These all in one pyjama/sleepsuits are designed to prevent Pad Shredding,

Inappropriate undressing and Interference with Incontinence Products. They are difficult to get out

of, but easy for carers to dress and undress.

We wanted to provide comfortable, normal looking nightwear, similar to a quality sleepsuit. So we

made them in a cotton rich woven fabric, with appropriate nightwear colours.

All the sizes provide room for incontinence aids. They all have a Long and strong back zip, with a

cover for the top of the zip. There is a choice of short or long sleeves. Pink for women/girls and

Blue for men/boys.

We are proud of our KC Sleepsuits. They are designed to make life easier by bringing normality to

bedtime. They are made by skilled and experienced seamstresses in the UK. Cut and sewn in the

North of England. All made in Top quality fabric, yarn dyed 60% cotton/40% polyester.

Easy care, they can be washed at 60 deg. Then tumble dried on a medium heat.

Most importantly our adapted clothing has a different fit for Men, Women and Children. They all

have individual sizes. So that the wearer is comfortable in the correct size.

We produce a feminine back zip KC Sleepsuit for women. Sizes 10 – 24

Our men’s back zip KC Sleepsuit with a masculine fit. 34 – 44

Children’s cute back zip KC Sleepsuit Sizes 4yrs – 12yrs

We make all these sizes because we like to see our customers in appropriate nightwear. As a

result the wearer feels better in a comfortable sleepsuit with a better fit.

For this reason we find that KC Sleepsuits have become an essential aid for carers who look after

adults and children with Learning Disabilities, Alzheimers, Dementia, Autism and disability.

Highly recommended by parents and Health Care Professionals. A prompt service is available for

People in care homes with night-time incontinence problems, NHS Trusts, Social Services,

and Relatives.

The benefits of choosing KC Sleepsuits

  • Prevent unwanted undressing

  • Zip back anti strip sleepsuits

  • Prevent access to continence aids by wearer

  • Keeps incontinence pad in place

  • Easier for carers to dress and undress the wearer

  • Comfortable to wear

  • Easy care quality fabrics

Sizing and Fit

We produce sleepsuits for 3 different figure shapes (click for size chart).

Men’s Shape – Choose his size by chest size.
Women’s Shape – Choose her normal dress size
Children – Choose by Age and Height